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Blood donation speech, official letter

Blood donation speech, official letter

Blood donation speech, official letter

Blood donation speech, official letter

Hi dear students
 Today I will discuss about some official letters that will be very important for your forthcoming test examinations. 
The official letters are mainly about the blood donation speech, Letter to the headmaster etc. 
so let's start

A blood donation has been arranged by your local club to help the local patients on the eve of Independence Day. Being the club secretary Write a letter to the local health officer for necessity permission for the purpose .

The health officer
Birbhum block,
Suri, Birbhum

           Sub : permission to arrange a blood donation camp

With due respect to you, we the residence of Suri area seek your permission to organise a blood donation camp In our club. The blood donation camp , we believe, will not only help the poor patients of the area but also provide the other patients who cannot afford to buy blood for them. Therefore our club wants to arrange a blood donation camp on the eve of Independence Day in our club premises.
 As you know it is a great social work so please kindly look into our request and give the permission to arrange the camp on the scheduled day. We also request you to join the camp and inaugurate it.
Thanking you,
Dated :27.09.18.    Yours truly,
                               Yours name

Write a letter to the headmaster of your school about a tree plantation programme you and your friends have decided to take up in the ground of your school.

The Headmaster,

Sub : tea plantation ceremony in school

We, the students of class 10 like to inform you that we are going to celebrate the World Environment Day in our school with a tree plantation programme in our school campus on 5th June, 2018. Some of the teachers have agreed to take part in it and the plants will be procured free of cost from the municipality.
The program will be grand success if you kindly give consent to open the ceremony and arrange for a seminar on the effect of tree plantation on the environment.
 Thanking you,
Dated :27.09.18.         Yours obediently,
                                   On behalf of the
                                     Class x

3)Write a letter to the headmaster of your school requesting him/ her to organise special classes after your test examination for the benefit of the Madhyamik students.

The Headmaster

           Sub : Request to arrange special classes

We, the students of class 10 request you to kindly hold special classes after test examination. Such classes will be of much help to us as entire syllabus in some of the subjects have not yet been completed. In the special classes we will be able to revise difficult chapters and prepare ourselves for the forthcoming Madhyamik examination.
Moreover, special classes will be specially helpful for Poor students who cannot afford private Coaching.
   We hope that you will kindly consider the benefits of the special classes and arrange for the same.
Thanking you,               yours obediently,

Dated :27.09.18.          Name 
                                    On behalf of the students of class 10. 


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