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The most important Grammar suggestion, 'Thank you ma'am ' , Class 12

The most important Grammar suggestion, 'Thank you ma'am ' , Class 12

Important suggestion grammar class 12
Important grammar 

Important grammar of 'Thank you ma'am' :

Voice change :

1) pick up my pocketbook, boy.

Let my pocketbook be picked up, boy.

2) she still held him. 

He was still held by her. 

3) Then I won't let you lose. 

Then you won't be let Loose by me.

4) she did not release him.

He was not released by her.

5) I would teach you right from wrong.

You would be taught right from wrong by me.

6) see dragged the boy inside.

The boy was dragged inside by her.

7) I would take you nowhere.

You would be taken nowhere by me.

8) you snatch My Pocket book.

My pocketbook is snatched by you.

9) I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes.

A pair of blue suede shoes was wanted by me.

10) the woman did not watch the boy.

The boy was not watched by the woman .

11) do you need somebody to go to the store? *

Is somebody needed to go to the store by you?

12) Take this ten dollars.

Let this ten dollars be taken.

13) he never saw her again.

She was never seen by him again.

14) he did not want to be mistrusted now.*

He did not want her to mistrust him now. 

15) she shut the door. 

The door was shut by her. 

16) eat some more, son. 

Let some more be eaten, son. 

Narration change:

1) then she said, 'now, ain't you ashamed of yourself? '

Then she asked if he was not ashamed of himself then.

2) the woman said, 'what did you want to do it for?'

The woman asked what he had wanted to do it for.

3) the boy said ,' I didn't aim to. '

The boy replied that he had not aimed to( do it).

4) 'then I won't turn you loose,' said the woman to the boy.

The woman told the boy that then she would not turn him lose.

5)' I am very sorry, lady, I am sorry'  whispered the boy.

Addressing as lady, The boy whispered that he was very sorry and repeated it.

6)' if I turn you loose, will you run?' The woman said. 

The woman asked if the boy would run in case she turned him lose.

7) she said, 'you a lie.' 

She said that he was a liar. 

8) the woman said, 'are you hungry?' 

The woman asked if he was hungry. 

9)' was I bothering you when I turned that corner?' Asked the women. 

The woman asked if she had been bothering him when she had turned that corner. 

10) she said, 'what is your name?' 

She asked what his name was. 

11) 'Let the water run until it gets warm,' she said. 

She suggested that water should run until it got warm.

12) he said, 'here's a clean towel.'

She said that there was a clean towel.

13)' you gonna take me to jail?' Asked the boy.

The boy asked if she was going to take him to jail.

14)' there's nobody home at my house,' said the boy.

The boy said that There Was Nobody home at his house.

15))' then we'll eat,' said the women.

The woman said that then they would it.

16)' I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes,' said the boy.

The boy said that he had wanted a pair of blue suede shoes.

17)' do you need somebody to go to the store?' asked k the boy.

The boy asked if she needed somebody to go to the store.

18)' that will be fine,' said the boy.

The boys said that that would be fine.

19)' eat some more, son', she said.

Addressing at son, She requested the boy to eat some more. 

20)' good night! behave yourself boy!' she said. 

She bade goodnight and advised the boy to behave himself. 

21)the woman said, ' pick up my pocketbook, boy' 

The woman ordered the boy to pick up her pocket book. 

Transformation of sentences

1) sweat popped out on the boy's face and he began to struggle. (Complex sentence)

Sweat popped out on the boys face as he began to struggle.

2) when she got to her door, she dragged the boy inside. (simple sentence)

Getting to her door, she dragged the boy inside.

3) she switched on the light and left the door open. (simple sentence)

Switching on the light, she left the door open.

4) you might Run that comb through your hair so you will look presentable. (simple sentence)

You might Run that comb through your hair to look presentable.

5) Mrs Jones got up and went behind the screen. (simple sentence)

Getting up, Mrs Jones went behind the screen. 

Degree change

1) eat some more, son.

Don't eat so less, son.

Interchange of parts of speech

1) and your face is dirty. (noun form of dirty)

And there is dirt on your face.

2) she could easily see him out of the corner of the other eye (noun form of 'easily')

She could see him out of the corner of the Other eye with ease.

Affirmative to negative and vice versa

1) then I won't turn you loose. (affirmative)

Then I will hold on to you.

2) I'm very sorry, lady. (negative)

I am not at all happy, lady.

3) the door was open. (negative) *

The door was not closed

4) he never saw her again. (affirmative)

It was the last time when he saw her.

5) was I bothering you when I Turned that corner? (assertive)

I was not bothering you when I turned that corner.

6) I believe you are hungry. (split up)

You are hungry. I believe it.

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