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Suggestion 2019 english *Thank you ma'am *

Suggestion 2019 english *Thank you ma'am *

The most important suggestion, 'Thank you ma'am ' , LDQ questions and answers, Class 12

The most important suggestion, 'Thank you ma'am ' , LDQ questions and answers, Class 12
Thank you ma'am questions and answers long questions suggestion 2019 

LDQ QUESTION FROM 'Thank you ma'am' :

1)' I am very sorry lady, I'm sorry' - who is the speaker? Whom does the speaker call' lady'? What has he done to feel sorry for? Was the speaker really sorry? How does the speaker utter these words?  when was the speaker a changed person? (1+1+3+2+1+3=11)

Ans: Here the speaker is Roger, a teen-aged  boy, who tried to snatch Mrs Jones purse.

The speaker, Roger, called Mrs Luella Bates  Washington Jones as lady.

Actually Rodger tried to snatch away Mrs Jones purse when she was walking alone  along the sidewalk. As he gave a pull from behind, the strap of the bag broke  and he lost his balance and fell on the sidewalk. Mrs Jones simply turned  round and kicked him on his Sitter. Then she picked him up by his shirt front. Being regretted Rodger utter these words.
Actually Roger uttered these words out of fear  rather being regretted. He was afraid that the lady might put him in jail. 
Roger uttered these words in a Whisper. 
Roger was transformed into a new person when he realized affection and benevolence of the lady. Even though he had committed a crime, the lady was kind and sympathetic to him. She gave him food, money to buy some blue suede shoes and advised him not to follow the devilish path. Above all, she trusted him. Roger was completely changed by her motherly affection and support. 

2) justify the title of the story' thank you ma'am '. (6)

Ans : The short story' thank you ma'am' takes a common everyday greeting as its title. But it is based on the external conflict between an elderly woman, Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones and a young boy named Roger. Roger tried to snatch Mrs Jones purse when she was walking alone along the sidewalk, but was caught red-handed by her. Instead of handing him over to the police, the woman took him to her home and gave him proper food and attention with motherly affection. When she came to know about Roger's intention to snatch her purse she gave him ten dollars at the time of his departure to buy some blue suede shoes. The boy could only  managed to say 'thank you' before parting. The intensely emotional content of the story is thus appropriately hinted at by title.

3)' I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes' - what reply did the speaker get and how did he react? (2+4=6)

Ans :  after taking him to her home, Mrs Jones Asked Roger if he had tried to snatch her purse because of hunger. Roger replied that he wanted to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. On hearing this, Mrs Jones replied that Rodger should have told her  that instead of trying to snatch her purse .
The reply was quite unexpected to Roger and he could not believe his ears and could only utter 'ma' am'. Roger could not make out how one should ask for something to get complete stranger. But he did not Express his dis belief . Remaining silent he listened to Mrs Jones recalling about her own youth . 

4)' And he never saw her again' - who are the persons referred to in this line?

How did he come to meet her? What was his feeling about her at the time of parting? (1+3+2=6)

Ans : In this line,' he' refers to Roger and 'her' refers to Mrs Luella Bates  Washington Jones.
Mrs Jones was returning home along the sidewalk, when Roger tried to snatch her purse but lost his balance and fell on the sidewalk. Mrs Jones caught him red handed. In this way they met each other.
At first Roger was afraid that Mrs Jones would send him to jail. But  Mrs Jones brought him home and took care of him like a mother and also gave him ten dollars to buy blue suede shoes. Then Roger was overwhelmed with gratitude at the time of parting saying only' thank you'. 

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