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SAQ Questions and answers of meeting at night by robert browning

SAQ Questions and answers :

Meeting at night 

Suggestion 2019 english for class xi ENGLISH SAQ from meeting at night
Meeting at night by soumitra sir 

Meeting at night by robert browning

SAQ questions and answers

1) what type of poem is' meeting at night'?

Meeting at night is a Love lyric.

2) what does the first stanza of the poem 'meeting and night' suggest?

The first stanza of the poem' meeting at night' suggests the lover's excitement for the secret journey.

3) when does the lover make his journey?

 The lover makes his journey at night.

4) How does the poet describe the sea land and the moon.?

The poet describes the sea as Grey, land as long and black and the moon as yellow, large and low.

5) why is the sea grey?

The sea is grey because it is night and dark, and the atmosphere is gloomy.

6) what does the grey sea suggest?

The Grey sea suggests two things-- the evening and the lover's impending secret journey to meet his beloved. 

7) How does brownie describe the half moon?

Brownie describes the half moon as yellow, large and low.

8) How does the poet describe the land?

The poet describes the land as long and black.

9) what does the phrase 'fiery ringlets' signify?

The phrase ' fiery ringlets' signifies the burning Passion Of Love of the speaker.

10) what do you mean by the word' Prow'?

The word Pro means the front part of a boat.

11) what does the word 'slushy sand' mean?

The word 'slushy sand' refers to the soft and muddy sand.

12) where does the boat slow down?

The boat slows down in the slushy sand.

13) how long is the 'sea scented beach'?

The sea - scented beach is a mile long.

14) where does the speaker's beloved live in the poem 'meeting at night' ? 

The speaker's beloved lives in a secluded farm house across the Bay.

15)How many fields will the poet have to cross before a Farm appears?

The poet will have to cross three fields before a Farm appears.

16) why does the speaker give a tap at the pane?

The speaker gives a tap at the pane because he meets his ladylove secretly.


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