Friday, August 10, 2018

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Hi, today I want to share with you my experience about online job relating to make money online easily. I am an youtuber,  but for the last 7 months I have to struggle  to monetize my channel.

Actually I  make my channel for I need some money because I heard that YouTube pay you money easily, but for the last six months I uploaded so many videos on my channel enthusiastically.

Now my channel is monetized. And my happiness is no doubt boundless. But after having uploaded approx 28 videos I saw that my earning is only 5.53 dollar which is so discouraging to a youtuber.  but I also do not mind because I think my channel views are very low and so income is not so high so I accept this income. But for the last 15 or 17 days I have been watching My earning potential becoming up and down like stock market and now after 17 days my earning potential age 5.62 dollar. What's the matter guys! I don't understand what the YouTube company is doing with me and also with other youtuber like me? This is very unfair bro.  but I need so much money to maintain my family all together.
So I desperately search the internet the way of making money online easily. I tried every method but in every time I failed to do so. After searching many YouTube videos I found about instamojo apps which give us opportunity to make money online.
I have uploaded an ebook  yesterday'' a new method of ultra modern grammar rules' 'and it's amazing that the ebook is sold and I got money. Although the amount is very low but this is very important to me as I got success after so many months about making money online. Now I try to upload ebooks everyday on this app.
guys if you have the same problem as me then you can join this site through month referral code and referral link and immediately get rupees 500 in your account if you complete your some performance like me on this site. Hope you will find this very well and good for your financial condition and join this site like me. Really what other site seems to me as fake to make money online this site help me so much in that case., actually I want to share my views and experience with you who has no knowledge of so many sites of social media that give you money but a tough way. I appeal you if you are new in the internet service then you can join this site for your primary satisfaction. Top youtuber can gain so much money through their videos either with unboxing or affiliate marketing or in other way but the small youtuber like us cannot compete with them. We may stumble in the mid way and will be missing in the huge Internet world. Nobody will pay heed to you. Finally I want to say, '' failures are the pillars of success''
Thank you for watching such blog.


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