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The most important suggestion, 'MEETING AT NIGHT' , LDQ questions and answers, Class 11

The most important suggestion, 'MEETING AT NIGHT' , LDQ questions and answers, Class 11

The most important suggestion, 'MEETING AT NIGHT' , LDQ questions and answers, Class 11
Meeting at night by robert browning
Long question and answers suggested 2019


1) How does the poet of' meeting at night 'describe his journey by the sea? what are his activities after his journey? (3+2=5)

Ans : The poet undertakes his journey in the evening. The yellow half-moon has risen low in the sky. In that faint moonlight the sea water turns grey and the long line of land in the distance appears black. As his boat moves on the churned sea-water makes ripples in ever- widening circles. the moonlit little waves appear like fiery ringlets to the poet.
After this sea- voyage the poet disembarks his boat after anchoring it in a Sandy inlet. Then he crosses Mile - long sea- scented beach and carries on his journey through three fields till he reaches a farmhouse.  He then taps the window of that house to signal his lady- love about his arrival.

2) How does the poet create the atmosphere of secrecy in the poem 'meeting at night' ? (5)

Ans : The poem 'meeting at night' describes the secret meeting of the lovers . The poet has created an atmosphere of secrecy all through the poem.  firstly, the lover undertakes his journey under the cover of night. The faint moonlight of the half moon also creates the atmosphere of secrecy with grey-sea and hazy black land visible at a distance. Again the faint tapping on the window and the murmuring voice of the lady love also help to create an atmosphere charged with secrecy.

3)' A voice less loud through its joys and fears' -  whose voice is referred to here?  when is this voice heard? Why do you think that the voice is' less loud'? (1+2+2=5)

Ans : the voice here refers to the faint Whisper of the poet's lady- love whom the lover poet meets in the farmhouse.

The lover comes from far traversing both land and sea. When he reaches the farmhouse, he gives a tap on the window pane. Instantly, a scratching sound is heard  from inside the room. It is followed by a flare of blue flame from lighted matchstick. After this the voice is heard.
The voice is kept low as the secret lovers maybe caught if they talk in a loud voice. Again, as the lady- love is full of passion and emotion, the voice may have turned choked and hoarse . 

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