Saturday, July 28, 2018

My village 🧗‍♂️

                                           My village 

I am soumitra Parai . I live in a remote village far away from the din and bustle city kolkata. I was born here in this village. Previously the roads were dusty and muddy, but timely it changed and become completely concrete . About 7000 people live here. Most people are dependent on the cultivation. Previously the villagers faced a huge economic crisis. But as time passes the economy began to grow steady and stable . Actually the most boys of this village suffered from hunger and went to the other states like Maharashtra (Mumbai)  , Tamilnadu, Gujrat and Delhi for livehood. There they mainly involved in the Goldsmith work and earn their livelihood. And the economy gradually became stronger than before. There is a River named Rupnarayana flows beside our village . 

There is a high school,5 primary schools here . The village people live amicably with each other . There is also a bus stop here . Most of the houses are two storied pucca buildings . Most people possess a two wheeler. Some possess four wheeler.
There is a local market  , a post office here . By the way I have not mentioned the name of the village. Yes it is Dhanyaghori . 

But there are some paucity too . There is no hospital 🏥 here . So we have to rush to the nearby city via. Arambagh or Ghatal for treatment . The people suffer a lot in the rainy season as the river overflow during rainy season and causes flood .
A huge loss have to be faced by the villagers as crops destroyed .
But the outcome money support them to make a healthy lifestyle then. 
The scenic Beauty of the morning here is tremendous. A strange feeling will be felt by any traveller . The Morning light soak the paddy fields soothes  our eyes . Some people (35-40 yrs of age) go for morning
Walk inspirates tht yoyou generation tt do yoga 🧘‍♂️ . I also inspired by them . Apart from cultivation somsopeople have been  doing business like grocery , stationary, garments, tutorial homes like me.

Whenever there is a full moon 🎑, the village people devote anjali by igniting lamp (we call it pro dip) to river Rupnarayana River. We celebrate 🎉 all the festival like Durga puja, Kali puja, jagadhatri puja , etc with great solemnity and enthusiasm.
As we bengali speaking people, we maintain it . So that's all guys . Hope you enjoy my first blog .
Thank you .
Always be with us.
Soumitra Parai


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