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My profession

                                      My profession

I am soumitra Parai  I live in a remote village far away from the din and bustle city of kolkata. Here I am working as a private tutor of English language . I basically teach students from class 6 to 12 English language . I teach English. I have 150 students at all .

I attended this profession approximately 15 years ago, when I quit my job in orissa as a time keeper in a spinning mill . I had attended several companies as a sales man, but timely they did not match my expectations. So at last I had to take this profession to maintain my family.

This profession has given me satisfaction to teach the children and make the future generations of their family. Many of them were settled in various parts of our country. Some of them also recruited in abroad . I take this profession serious in 2004.
Every year all the students pass the exams successfully. I feel proud hearing their results . 
Apart from teaching I am working now as a youtuber. I have a channel on youtube. It is an educational channel for class 10,11,12 english. You may visit my channel if you want.

You may visit my Facebook page
Now I have started blogging at this page. I will provide you various types of essays on current topics . So stay tuned .
Thank you .
Soumitra Parai .


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I am soumitra Parai. I have a you tube channel and website where I teach English class for the students of class 10,11,12 of West Bengal board of higher secondary education. If you want to get notes from me then you can follow the website