Monday, July 30, 2018

My Idol(The person I like most)

            My Idol (ThepersonI like most)           

Every single person who wants to increase the potential of his or her life must have some person to be idol for him or her. Similarly I also have an idol in my life. Most people choose some hero or heroine of cinema or some player or musician or politician as their idol, but my case is different from them. I was then studying in class viii.

A teacher was appointed in our school who taught us physics. He always spoke some stories about science and biography of scientists. We got a tremendous inspiration from him. He explained physics to us in such a simple way that we began to take this subject as our favorite subject.

I always got highest marks in this subject. We all respected him very much. It was a great gift to us from him. In this way a year passed. I began to think him as my guru. But after a year one day sir told us that he would not stay in touch with us further as he had to quit the job and he was appointed the PA of then chief minister of West Bengal Late Jyoti Basu. We remained speechless for a while.

After 3 days later 7 ambassador car came to our school to take him off. All the students of our school lined on the road to bid him  good bye. There was hardly any student who suppress 😭.
I was totally confused about my future and remained silent for some days. You know it was really painful for me.

From then I determined to pursue my career in physics. But the God did not allow me. Now I am a petty Tutor earning my livelihood through tutoring.
But till now I remember my sir and treat him my Idol though I don't know where he is now.
Sir I love you so much.
Soumitra Parai 


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